On-Board Technology

On-Board Technology

Fleetmatics GPS Fleet Tracking Software

Fleetmatics is a leading global provider of mobile workforce solutions for service-based businesses of all sizes delivered as software-as-a-service (SaaS). Each of Yesterday Delivery Services’s vehicle are equipped with a Fleetmatics GPS module, which allows us to track stops, map the route, and keep real-time contact with each and every driver.

Benefits of Fleetmatics

Real-Time Monitoring

Know what's going on with your delivery in real-time so you can track your delivery more efficiently.  

Helps Prevent Breakdowns

Fleetmatics maintenance alerts inform us when a vehicle is due for proper maintenance, keeping your delivery from being stuck on the side of the road. This keeps our vehicles running smooth and your deliveries running fast.

Save Time, Save Money

Fleetmatics helps us to decrease our costs in fuel and time by reducing speeding, decreasing idle times, and improving routing & dispatching. This keeps our prices of our delivery services low to keep more money in your pocket.

Safety & Security

Fleetmatics helps reduce unauthorized vehicle use and can quickly recover stolen vehicles.

Get More Done Per Day

By helping to improve our routing and dispatching efficiency, our delivery trucks can get more stops in per day which allows your delivery to come to you quicker.

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Yesterday Delivery Services offers prompt delivery and courier services for all of your delivery needs. Whether you need to send just a few boxes, or are moving heavy commercial equipment and vehicles, the team at Yesterday Delivery Services has the equipment and the knowledge to make your delivery safely and on schedule.







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